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One project at a time, GISMo makes progress. To meets society’s energy needs without depleting limited resources or accelerating climate change – this Applied Energy Division works with universities, state agencies, utilities and industry to develop technology for the next-generation electric grid so it can seamlessly absorb power fluctuations and quickly respond to major storms and other disruptions.

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Stanford Community

GISMo's human-powered electricity bike captivates a crowd at the STEMfest.

On April 20, 2024, Rimvydas, Adhithyan and Reegine showcased a pedal-powered innovation merging bike generators with microgrid technology, featuring captivating data visualization.

GISMo Events

Scientists, Roussel Rahman and Bennet Meyers, connect with the community.

SLAC held its 2023 Family Day on Saturday, August 19. Approximately 1000 people came to enjoy science demonstrations, tours, talks and delicious food.

Industry Collaboration

SLAC-Stanford Battery Center launches towards affordable energy.

Over 400 enthusiastic attendees from diverse backgrounds, establish an exciting new push towards a sustainable future of battery technologies.

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