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Curated by GISMo engineers, TechTalks go a level deeper to explain the underlying processes that are prevalent in our projects. They offer tools to further understanding on the work we are doing and gain a greater understanding on concepts that can help us improve the power grid.

Roussel Rahman, 2023

Learning the Complex Task of Operating Particle Accelerators (PDF)

By observing SLAC technicians tuning the Free Electron Laser, and leveraging these insights to develop learning models, we can enhance our understanding of human learning and accelerate technician training.
natural dis
Xiaochu Wang, 2023

Powerline-Vegetation Strike Analysis

Analyzing factors related to powerlines and vegetation helps predict potential threats to powerlines. This enables preemptive measures to prevent power outages or natural disasters caused by vegetation interacting with powerlines.
Xiaochu Wang, 2023

The Role of Load Serving Entities in Demand Response

Better handling of demand responses programs could improve the optimality of load serving entities, making them more effective and cost efficient.

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