VOLTRON Testing Toolkit

VOLTRON is DOE’s open-source execution platform for transactive energy applications. In the buildings space, VOLTTRON allows users to run monitoring and control applications that interface with existing building management systems (BMS), typically in smart buildings. In both capacities, VOLTTRON allows for a more effective integration between buildings and the electrical grid. The success of VOLTTRON as an open-source research platform and eventual transition to a commercial platform depends on expanding the community beyond its original set of developers to create a virtuous feedback cycle that can improve VOLTTRON’s capabilities. For this to be accomplished, the source code needs to be easy to use, maintain, and enhance.

The overall objective of this project is to facilitate adoption and demonstrate the benefits of the VOLTTRON platform for Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management systems. The VOLTTRON Testing Toolkit (VTTK) will accomplish this by furthering the development of the VOLTTRON Open Source platform and enabling lower implementation costs and increased adoption by adding testing tools for both research entities and product companies to test their development against its specifications before productizing their own development. The project team will more than double the size of this community and increase its diversity in order to move VOLTTRON closer to reaching the critical mass required for widespread adoption in the marketplace. Issues open during the team’s development process will be reviewed and those identified that have high leverage for this project and the DER integration community as a whole will be resolved.

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