Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What about Stanford faculty, staff and students?


    Stanford Health Improvement Program (HIP) classes will continue to be held in Building 27 as well as the Arrillaga Recreation Center at SLAC beginning in the Fall quarter. People enrolled in HIP classes can participate after completing a liability waiver.

  • What equipment and facilities are available in the recreation center?


    The recreation center features: 6 basketball hoops on 1 basketball court, with the option of indoor volleyball and badminton 1 fitness room 6 treadmills 4 cross trainers 2 recumbent stationary bicycles 2 standard stationary bicycles 1 rowing machine Free-weight area with 4 racks of dumbbells, 3 benches and a chin-up bar Fixed-weight area with a 5-stack multi-jungle cable/pulley apparatus 10 variable-weight, muscle-specific machines: dip chin, shoulder press, leg press, leg curl, row/rear deltoid, pectoral fly/rear deltoid, pull down, leg extension, calf extension and chest press Stretching area with stability balls and Bosu© training devices Locker rooms and showers with daily-use lockers for rent (bring your own lock) Lounge area and kitchenette